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38th annual golf outing

…turned out Great! The weather held up!

Thank you to all the participants, sponsors and players.

Congratulations to many, great prizes were given out!

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New York approves 14.6% rate hike for health plans

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Our Most Valuable Asset

Working closely with the signatories to our Collective Bargaining Agreements to assure a smooth transition from current to new accords that will carry us forward over the next few years is both satisfying and intensive.

I’ve pointed out before, that as a labor-intensive trade our union labor workforce is our most valuable asset and we have to treat it as such. Successful negotiations have to blend the needs of our workers with the profit-making capability of our contractors to survive in today’s competitive market. 

Survival is an ongoing process. We are being challenged constantly by the non-union sector and its advocates making it imperative that  we stay on top of our game in labor management, customer relationships and the advancement of the industry.

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Enduring the Pain of Change

As we begin the negotiating process with expiring Collective Bargaining Agreements, ie: New York City District Council of Carpenters and Local 1974 Tapers, the creative changes that will be explored to salvage what is left of a dwindling union market are paramount to our survival.  With a customer base that has the ability to construct projects with or without union labor, the time has come to make sweeping changes to compete with our non-signatory competition.

Proposed changes by both labor and management are sure to be met with resistance on both sides of the negotiation table. However, I believe it is in the best interest of all parties to break the mold that has been set for generations and implement changes required to salvage our market share. Should New York be successful in creating a new template for providing a competitive labor pool, it should be a win win for our industry along with the hard working men and women employed by dedicated signatory contractors.

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