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Unprecedented Times

AS WE ARE ALL PAINFULLY AWARE, we are living in unprecedented times. Circumstances regarding COVID-19 are changing daily, if not hourly, impacting everyone’s normal work day. During these uncertain times, if you are fortunate enough to be considered an essential business, implementing contingency plans to service your clients has been a monumental challenge.

Precautions required to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on job sites and your office staff are daunting. First and foremost implementing the six foot social distancing rule is paramount. Mandating your field personnel to wear N95 or equal masks is a no brainer. Revised work schedules for the office employees such as staggering shifts (morning and afternoon) should help limit exposure.

Another new norm we are all likely experiencing is the Challenge of running a business with a percentage of your office staff having the ability to be productive working from home. Trying to prevent panic and unnecessary disruptions, communicating with your employees is essential to weathering the storm of this pandemic.

Be well and stay safe.

Michael Weber

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