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Want To Join WC&C? 

Please click on the corresponding PDF link below to access form

This application is for contractors only

For industry professionals, suppliers, etc.

Please feel free to contact John DeLollis, Executive Director, directly at (516)-478-5600 to discuss additional advantages of Association Membership (specific to each CBA) and to answer any questions you may have. 


The Association of Wall Ceiling and Carpentry Industries (WC&C) is the principal organization advocating the interests of contractors, suppliers and manufacturers in the wall and ceiling industries. WC&C provides support for contractors in a number of critical areas including legislative advocacy, insurance and safety. 

Founded in 1953, the Association of Wall Ceiling and Carpentry Industries has been highly regarded for providing valuable technical and product information, education and training, and the industry contacts essential to operating a successful business. Our mission is to establish cooperative interests among our members and to provide service to the building public.

Membership Benefits 
WC&C members are united in finding ways to advance the wall and ceiling industry as they improve our opportunities for success. Membership offers collective bargaining power for key issues in our industry, networking opportunities, legislative advocacy and professional development programs, in addition to mediation and arbitration of jurisdictional disputes. 

Strong Relationships with Public Agencies 
Membership in the WC&C provides contractors and associates with a strong professional network and participation in the larger unionized construction industry through membership in the BTEA. Our members have strong relationships with numerous City, State and Federal public agencies and meet with key decision makers to shape policies that affect the wall and ceiling contracting industry. 

Workforce Development, Networking, Advocacy and Labor-Management Support 
WC&C members are automatically members of AWCI, whose members include large general contractors and construction managers. Association members can participate in networking, advocacy and workforce development opportunities provided by AWCI as well as by the Construction Industry Partnership, New York’s leading labor-management organization.

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