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WC&C is pleased to announce that eSafetyline is now available to all WC&C members FREE OF CHARGE

*to access your login information please contact our office or directly

Please watch the webinar recording below if you missed it

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All of these features come with your subscription:

  • Safety Talks

  • Safety Webinars

  • OSHA News Updates

  • OSHA Recordkeeping

  • Prevention Coach

  • Hazard Awareness Training

  • Monthly Notices

  • Safety Calendar

Utilizing an eSafetyLine subscription is a great way to start a safety initiative if you don't have one already. If your company does, it's a great tool to expand on safety as well! 

Take Advantage Of The OSHA Recordkeeping Service

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Safety is paramount for organizations, especially in the construction industry. Safety starts with the organization, but needs to be implemented by it's employees. This is why a commitment to safety is required on both sides if there is to be any success. 

Safety is a "proactive" responsibility, not reactive. You don't want to consider it after an incident!

WC&C eSafetyLine Safety Software 



As part of our ongoing commitment to occupational safety and health, the Association of Wall Ceiling & Carpentry Industries of New York Inc. is pleased to offer our members free enrollment in WC&C’s eSafetyLine Safety Software program.

WC&C’s eSafetyLine safety software is an effective resource tool designed to address occupational safety initiatives and will assist you in lowering accident risks and improving safety statistics.  The online software provides contractors with compliance and training materials, easy access to records and reports, and other useful safety tools.  

We urge you to take advantage of this valuable program.

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