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Spring On Into Spring

We’re fast running out of Winter 2018 and getting ready for a busy spring season in New York City. There is a lot of work out there and more to be had. Hudson Yards continues moving through its phenomenal growth. Essex Crossing’s development in the heart of the Lower East Side is expected to continue through 2024. With over 1.9 million square feet, Essex Crossing represents one of the most significant urban renewal developments in the history of New York City.

Brooklyn and Bronx are joining Manhattan in leading the commercial and housing markets. According to the New York Building Congress, construction starts in the Bronx were expected to surpass $2 Billion in 2017, the third consecutive year that totals have passed that mark. And, according to the American Institute of Architects’ semi-annual Consensus Construction Forecast, while commercial construction was expected to generate much of the gains this year, by 2019 industrial and institutional sectors will dominate projected growth.

With all this activity, worker safety has to be the most prominent component of the building process. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 5,190 workplace fatalities in 2016. While that is a national figure, it is startling. Many deaths could have been avoided with proper training and diligence on the part of the organizations involved.

Here at our offices, a new member of our team assisting me with the activities of our association is a young man with great talent and knowledge of communications. As our new Director of Special Programs & Events, Danny Rivera has already been working on a variety of projects including our recent workshop Turning Your Project Mangers Into Business Managers which was held at Terrace In The Park in Flushing. Our guest speaker at that affair, Jim Schug from FMI consulting, gave a valuable presentation that those attending enjoyed and learned from. More of these educational workshops are being planned. Along the line, while working on our programs, Danny may be in contact with you. I hope you’ll welcome him. He’s oiling the machinery of our association.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Costa Rica at our annual Convention March 8th thru 12th and at our annual Dinner Dance on April 7th.

— John

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