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A Valuable Benefit of Your WC&C Membership

Special programs and events are an important part of WC&C’s services to our members and we’ve been busy on this front. Part of our plan is to sponsor several seminars each year. We’ve already held two in 2018. I hope you’ve taken advantage of them.

The first, titled “Turning Your Project Managers into Business Managers”, was a feature presentation by FMI in which members were given valuable insights into entrepreneurism and relationships that can grow your firm’s capabilities from within.

Our second, “Succession Planning & Transitional Strategies for Iconic Founders” featuring Susan Hayes Enterprises, concentrated on processes that help plan for the long-term viability of your organization.

Both of these programs were educational and very enjoyable.

We’re looking forward now to the UBC International Interior/Exterior Systems and Install Leadership Conference in Las Vegas in June. This meeting is presented over 4 days highlighting Innovations in Interior and Exterior Systems Construction. This year’s program is UBC: “Inside & Out” Building Today & Looking to the future. The much heralded Drywall Olympics and Flooring Competition will be featured at this event. It will be held at the UBC’s new International Training Center. If you haven’t already had a tour of this incredible new facility, I highly recommend you do so. Information is available on our website at

Of course, our annual golf outing is also coming in June. On June18th we all will get together once again at the North Hempstead Country Club and the Sands Point Golf Club for a day of excellent golf and an evening of good food, camaraderie and golf exploits. Reserve your place at our website.

And our Annual Barbecue is coming on August 4th at Westbury Manor. This is always a good time activity and an opportunity for networking with your peers in a beautiful garden atmosphere. Make sure you sign up.

These are your events. More coming. I’m looking forward to seeing you and networking with you over these next several months. Have a great season.


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