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Whether it’s a local association, a national association or even an international association such as the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI), getting involved in your industry through ties with a construction related association can benefit you personally and bring value to your organization.

Meeting with your peers on a monthly, quarterly or even bi-annually basis keeps you

informed on trends in our industry as well as educational seminars available to your valued employees. My personal involvement with Association of Wall Ceiling & Carpentry Industries of New York, Inc (WC&C), AWCI and Building Trades Employers Association (BTEA) has been very rewarding and has enabled me to forge sustainable relationships within our industry locally, nationally as well as abroad. As a member of AWCI, I have found my involvement invaluable when it comes to staying abreast of trends and educational seminars such as safety training, online project management training along with insightful articles highlighted in the monthly subscription of Construction Dimensions.

As an example, the upcoming AWCI Industry Executives’ Conference and Committee

Meetings held in San Antonio, Texas the September will include educational seminars such as “The Future Realities of Construction,” as well as “The Employee Journey.” For more information on registering for this event please go to

Whether it’s WCC, AWCI, BTEA, the Subcontractors Trade Association (STA) or the

National Alliance of Signatory Wall & Ceiling Contractors (SWACCA) to name a few, they all offer an opportunity to engage with your peers and assist you in staying competitive in an ever changing market.

Please use the following links to access the website for more information on each of the associations mentioned above.






Enjoy what’s left of the summer.

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