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Evolution of a Carpentry Contractor in New York

The history of carpentry dates back to 4,000 B.C. where the first signs of carpentry appeared in the Stone Age. Over time, carpentry has evolved into an essential skilled trade that has been used to create everything from art to architecture. From simple woodcutting to modern-day construction, carpenters have played a major role in building the world’s most prominent infrastructure. Even as technology continues to change, carpentry will continue to be one of the most vital of the skilled trades. With that being said, the progression of the carpentry contract has evolved to a whole other level. Have you completed your law degree?

Your carpentry contract should include all of the important information about the project, so both the contractor and the building owner know exactly what responsibility you have contracted for. It includes basic information pertaining to your scope of work. Examples such as project specific exhibits, insurance requirements, payment terms, etc. In addition to the above basics, the complexity of construction contracts today soon may require a law degree. I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore. Disseminating the contract and identifying the required qualifications is mind boggling.

Examples such as:

• Pre-qualification questionnaires

• Pre-construction notification

• Competent and qualified person documentation

• Contractor site specific orientation

• Verification of toolbox talks

• Safe work permit

• Contractor audit reporting

• Notification of violation reporting

• Weekly inspection checklists

• Construction permits

• Contractor performance evaluation reporting

• Pre-construction risk assessment

As we slug it out for a piece of the market share and to be the successful contractor after the grueling bidding and negotiating process, the result is very rewarding. However, dealing with the minutiae of the contract can be discouraging. Proceed with caution.

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-Michael Weber

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