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Post Pandemic Construction

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a transformational change in construction. All construction companies will need to implement new site safety measures to ensure their worker’s health and well-being. And at the same time, that will surely lengthen project schedules and impact profitability. Now, more than ever, the industry must come together to have better protocols in response to these changes in construction. Many employees may still be concerned about contracting the virus and planning will be essential to alleviate delays caused by limiting the number of on-site workers. Making sure that sites have the proper protective equipment and hygiene resources, such as sanitizer and hand washing stations is paramount.

No one can say for sure what post-pandemic construction will look like but it is certain that the way the industry worked before is no longer sufficient to meet post-COVID challenges. With schedules being delayed, the costs of existing projects will likely increase. Having a qualified team experienced with the knowledge and proficiency of the new safety protocols will help ensure that there are no further delays or cost impacts as more jobsites re-open.

Now that jobsites are re-opening, New York City is expected to increase healthcare construction following this pandemic. In the beginning of the year, existing facilities were quickly renovated to handle an influx of infected patients, and pop up sites were built to help ease pressure on hospitals. Now, the pandemic will alter the way hospitals and medical facilities will be built from now on. Hospitals will need space for more beds, ways to separate patients, additional entrances and exits, and updated ventilation and air filtration processes. To keep abreast of changes, we will need to plan accordingly and implement cost saving ideas such as the design build concept and the trade management concept. There will have to be a new perspective on speed and efficiency through collaboration and innovation that will allow the industry to emerge successfully from the pandemic.

Good luck to all of the WC&C Scholarship applicants! Enjoy the rest of summer and stay safe. — Michael Weber

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