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Obsess With Success


Right now, we are part of a business comeback in New York City. The stakes are high. We adapted to the hardship of moving forward as COVID-19 pushed against us and it appears we are winning. So, let’s assess the future.

With the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us we need to examine and evaluate how well our COVID protocols have worked. Among the most obvious, masks, social distancing, sanitizing were all necessary to keep us going, but they did slow us down. Off the job site, virtual operations were in most cases essential as many staff personnel worked from home. Did this work well? Was Zoom and other video conferencing platforms advantageous? How about virtual seminars? Are there reasons to keep these going in some form?

Questions abound as we evaluate incorporating current activities from COVID into future operations. But now there are other more pressing hardships that need to be addressed. Prices of both lumber and steel have surged. The numerous delays in the supply chain are discouraging and costly, and shortages are likely to continue until later this year. Increased material costs may require that job estimates be reworked.

Happily, most analysts predict a resurgence as problems get sorted out and as new and upcoming projects manifest themselves. Projects that were put on hold because of uncertainty arising from the pandemic are now moving forward. If we want to be part of that move forward, we can’t sit back and wait. We need to adapt to new normals now and, as always, innovate to stay ahead. We can do this. It will require each of us to obsess with success.

Golf is back! Our annual golf outing was held on June 21. We were fully booked at 200 golfers (we had to reduce it from 240 because some COVID restrictions remain). This kicked off a new beginning for WC&C members to again meet in person, enjoy fun and exercise while resuming the camaraderie which is so important to each of us and our business operations. It was a great success. In this issue of Off The Wall is a listing of the proud sponsors and our momentous photos. More networking opportunities are in the works.

With COVID finally waning we can look forward with confidence to new and rewarding projects on which to bid.

Stay safe.



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