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2015 wc&c scholarship program


Submission Deadline:  July 15, 2015
The Association values education from grade school to apprenticeship and beyond and is committed to helping students access the high-quality college education they deserve.  As such, we are proud to sponsor the 2015 WC&C Scholarship Program for eligible students.
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Independence Day Holiday Schedule
2015 Independence Day - Union Holiday Schedule2015 Independence Day - Union Holiday Schedule
NYCDCC and TAPERS Local 1974 are
 working a "regular day" (non-holiday) on Friday, July 3rd

NYCDCC Rates July 1 2015-June 30 2016NYCDCC Rates July 1 2015-June 30 2016



The Association Executive meeting at this spring’s AWCI Annual Convention & INTEX Expo struck me as rather unusual. This is the meeting where I get together with other executive directors from around the country to discuss matters of particular concern. During the meeting, one of my colleagues brought up the subject of membership attendance. Soon, we were all contributing to the discussion, so much so that it took nearly all the time allotted for the meeting.

Everyone seemed to agree they’ve begun to notice a lag in member participation at their local events. The more we talked about it, the more I discovered that what’s going on here in New York isn’t so unique. Our Dinner Dances and other special events always draw a big house. And our own Conferences, which include family members and guests, meet or exceed attendance expectations. But admittedly the number of member participants at these events hovers around 25%. And when it comes to our monthly meetings, in some instances, the numbers have been lower than that.  — John DeLollis

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Contracts from Hell

     A well-drafted construction contract clearly sets out the scope of work. The language is basically industry terms and conditions we have all been accustom to. For example, payment terms, overhead and profit on change orders, liquidated damages, consequential damages, retainage protocol and project specific detailed scope of work for the tasks you’re expected to perform.  Just to name a few.  At some point you will probably find yourself wondering whether you should really sign the contract in front of you.  If you are like most, and don’t agree to the content of the contract there is usually a competitor standing in line behind you to step up should you decide to step aside. 

The estimator that handles the bid does most of the heavy lifting.  With countless pre-award addenda, exhibits, checklists, unit pricing, labor rates, prequalification’s, bonding, insurance and OCIP and CCIP criteria as well as projected lead times on specialty products manufactured across the globe that you have little or no control over.  Does your shipment being held at JFK Customs sound familiar? Then there’s also WBE, MBE, LBE etc. goals, Project Labor Agreements and proposed vendors, many of which require architect’s approval before you can issue a purchase order.  You almost need a legal degree to determine what you’re signing up for.  -- Mike Weber

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