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New Technology

New innovations are being made every day in our industry, making once tedious parts of our profession more manageable and time efficient. The Grabber PanelMax Board Milling Machine is a perfect example of this. Designed to fabricate and accurately cut dry wall and other materials, the PanelMaxx is easing one of the more laborious parts of the job. With the use of relief cuts, this machine is eliminating the need for additional material by doing the job accurately the first time. Instead of waiting for the framing to be done on a job before making cuts to the sheetrock, the PanelMax is allowing you to prefabricate everything while the framing is still being completed, cutting back dramatically on the time it takes to complete a project. Portable and user friendly, it clearly has a definite future in the construction industry.

Being aware of the latest cutting edge technology on the market is advantageous to everyone, allowing you to be ahead of the game and thus making you more desirable as a contractor. Advances are being made every day in ways to make us better and more efficient in our craft. Equipment like the PanelMaxx is changing how we approach jobs, for example, architects can now design projects differently because they are able to do things that were once too difficult to achieve. Make sure you take advantage of these advancements by educating yourself. Take classes offered at places such as the NYC District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College. Being ahead of the game will only benefit you in the end.

— John DeLollis

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