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Adapting To New Responsibilities

WHEN THIS ISSUE OF OFF THE WALL REACHES YOU, you will have already become a veteran of the COVID-19 war. From hospital tents in Central Park, to the 1,000 bed Naval Hospital Ship Comfort docked at Pier 90 to the near empty streets, New York City looks and feels like nothing any of us have ever experienced. Many projects have been closed down. Jobs that are permitted to continue have experienced delays in getting materials. Staffing is a common problem both on the job and in the office. While workers have risen to the crisis, even those working from home can’t keep up a normal pace.

As employers you not only have to keep your business moving forward, you have the primary responsibility of keeping your workers safe. That means continually reminding them to wear face masks and maintain six feet or more distance in addition to accident prevention. We all know that it is nearly impossible to maintain distance on the job, but continuous onsite inspection may help keep infections down.

I was particularly dismayed that our association had to cancel its most important meeting of the year, our Annual Dinner Dance, which we all look forward to for enjoyment, camaraderie and networking. Other important upcoming events are a question mark including the golf outing and even our summer Barbecue. AWCI was forced to cancel its Convention and Intex Expo.

No one knows when this pandemic will end, but as we look forward to it diminishing and work returning to normal, there are plenty of projects waiting for us. Hopefully we’ll soon be picking up where we left off before the coronavirus blindsided most of our industry.

Please stay safe and keep your families and workers safe and healthy.


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