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Moving Forward

Since the start of the epidemic more than a year ago, we’ve experienced unprecedented difficulties both at home and on the job. Fortunately, after the wobbly start with emergency health facilities being erected nearly everywhere;

even a U.S. Navy hospital ship deployed to the Hudson river, things began to settle down and we have adjusted to what turned out to be a long haul. We’re still in that long haul, still living and working according to safety protocols. Some of those

measures will stay with us, like virtual conferencing and at home working schedules, which may save our companies money over time. Some may not.

Now, with new vaccines being distributed, and a second round of PPP loans for businesses, a breath of fresh air may be on the way. Yet Covid-19 and its variants are still spreading and are more virulent, more dangerous. We cannot let our safety guards down if we are going to win this battle, which we will win.

Looking forward, there is much new construction upcoming in our city. New jobs to bid on, new work to keep our staffs and jobsites active and of course, safe. As part of Governor Cuomo’s announced $306 Billion infrastructure program for New York State, a $51 Billion plan is proposed to redevelop Manhattan’s Midtown West Neighborhood, Including the Replacement of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. This is projected to create countless jobs for our industry here in New York City.

The LaGuardia Airport redevelopment is still proceeding and even though the JFK work has been temporarily held up, that is expected to begin again soon.

Projects are continuing, more are coming, and these should give us cause to generate thoughts about how our companies operate. New ideas in estimating,

how to use virtual information effectively, and more. It behooves us to stay on top of things and reap the advantages of how these ideas can generate profit. There is a lot happening in New York City’s construction needs. We must be on top of it.

Meanwhile there is a pandemic to beat. Stay safe and keep your workers safe too. And keep connected.

— John


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